A Content Strategy for Your Clickable Gallery to Sell on Instagram

There is a useful strategy if you do not want to add so many clickables photos into your gallery. As it is very difficult to update your Instagram profile day-by-day without an active content marketing strategy.

Without adding a lot of photos to your clickable gallery, you can still create a smooth customer journey for your followers. We have 3 steps to optimise your clickable gallery.

1. Connect all of your social media accounts in one place.

Add your social media profile links to different photos, which are related to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Thus, your followers can easily explore your social media profiles.



2. Add your homepage or mobile-app link

What is your business all about? Adding your homepage link to Instagram is the easiest way to show the world your USP. Choose a great photo, add your web page link to it. You can also add your mobile app link for directly download it.

3. Add different pages from your website

Make it easy to explore your web page. What do you want to promote on Instagram about your product/service? Add your different web page links to your photos such as your portfolio, best sale products, or references...

Create an all-in-one place

It is a great experience for your followers as they can easily explore all of your online activities in one place. For example, we add our Twitter account link, free tools link, how-to-use post link and homepage link.