From a Shoppable Instagram Feed to a Social Media Hub

Gallery Metrics' shoppable Instagram feed allows you to add links to individual Instagram images to drive traffic and sales from Instagram to the relevant content and products. However, you can also use this product to connect all of your social media accounts. There are some examples and benefits of this approach for you.

Pinterest and Instagram - Which is better for marketing?

The answer is: They work better together

Lisa has explained the relationship between Instagram and Pinterest on her blog. There is a short summary of her article:

"Pinterest is an image-based network that leads users to websites through clickable images. Posts are grouped by topic, and often found through a Google-ish search engine that uses real word descriptions (not hashtags). Instagram is all about real-time images. So that means there’s a small window in which people will see the photo or video you so lovingly created. But since Pinterest is not categorized by time, your Instagram images might have an extra lifeline on a Pinterest board."

A quick tip to connect your Instagram and Pinterest by a clickable Instagram feed

1.Create a Pinterest Board on a Particular Topic

Here is a Gallery Metrics' Pinterest board on a particular topic - Instagram quotes. In this board we have 20-30 images.

2.Share an image on Instagram about your Pinterest board

We only shared one image related to this topic on Instagram, and gave the details of our board.

3. Add the link of Pinterest board to your clickable Instagram feed

There is a screenshot from the Gallery Metrics dashboard. You can see the Pinterest link on the "Tropical Vibes" photo.

shoppable Instagram feed to sell on Instagram

By doing this, you can ...

-create a connection between your Instagram and Pinterest accounts to increase the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

-direct your followers to your Pinterest account which is not categorized by time, so your images will have an extra lifeline on a Pinterest board.

-create a compelling and rich content for your followers

-provide a smooth journey rather than just giving your Pinterest username without any clickable links.