Hashtag Screen

Live Instagram Photo Streaming from Gallery Metrics

Gallery Metrics introduces Hashtag Screen!

Hashtag Screen displays your attendees' Instagram photos that are shared by event hashtag on any projector or screen.

Decide on your event hashtag, inform your attendees and start to live streaming directly from Instagram on any screen at your venue.

Hashtag Screen is a wonderful customer engagement tool and helpful to bridge the gap between your Instagram account and offline environment.

It is a browser-based software, so it is really easy to use.

To rent Hashtag Screen for your next event, just send us an e-mail.

(The e-mail should involve: event date, event concept, your Instagram account and event hashtag.)


Hashtag Screen's daily fixed price is $ 39,99, which includes tests and help desk support.

Rent Now!

Thanks Forever,
Gallery Metrics Team

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