Selling on Instagram - How to create a shoppable Instagram feed?

Selling on Instagram and adding links on each photo could transform your Instagram account a lively shop or blog that is also beneficial for the brand engagement on social media. But, how? First of all, all we know that Instagram does not allow us to add links on photos. There is only one area, which is Instagram website link section, for us to add our link.There are some tricks to make this one single area a dynamic space. For instance, you can update your bio link after you share a photo on Instagram. In your comment area, you can say “hey, it's my new post please click my bio link.” But, what about your previous photos?

How to Sell on Instagram?

We see lots of online or offline shops, bloggers or restaurants on this platform. When I see something special on Instagram, I just want to go its sales page to learn its price and sometimes to buy it directly. However, I could not find a link for it most of the time. Your followers just want to read your post directly, buy your products directly and get any information from you directly. There is no time for searching, copying and pasting. Moreover, you do not have to just promote your last photo, when you can promote all your photos on Instagram with the shoppable Instagram feed.

Why "Sell on Instagram"?

Clickable Instagram gallery makes your shop or blog easy to explore. Why is Instagram selling important, there are 3 reasons;

  1. There is a high competition on Instagram. As there are so many global brands, local shops, and celebrities. What is your USP? What do you offer for your followers? –Smooth Instagram experience may possibly a good starting point for your business.

  2. People do not have enough time to find the products, on your web page, or posts on your blog. “One click and go directly related page” would be helpful to increase your traffic and consequently your sales.

  3. It is also helpful to promote and connect all of your social media accounts. You have a YouTube channel, blog, shop and mobile-app at the same time. How can you promote all of these things with just Instagram. You can say “Follow us on YouTube , too.” Normally, your followers need to copy your username, go YouTube, find you and finally follow you: 4 steps. However, with a clickable Instagram gallery they just go to photo and click it. You can give links wherever you want, to manage all of the different platforms. You can even give a direct link for downloading your mobile-app to App or Android store.

Instagram Shopping

It is also important to mention that it's not just for your followers. Clickable Instagram gallery to sell on Instagram will also make your life easy. To add a link on Instagram bio area after each photo could be time-consuming. This is because you have to permanently delete your previous photo’s link, which means that your followers have only one shot to read your post after a new photo. Conversely, when you add a link to your clickable gallery, it will stay there forever.
To create your clickable Instagram gallery to sell on Instagram and engage with your followers on social media, try Gallery Metrics for your business and your followers. You can now create a dashboard easily to add clickable photos on Instagram.

Let's Get Started!

How to Sell on Instagram by Using Gallery Metrics?

There is a short video that explains how to sell on Instagram by using Gallery Metrics dashboard.